Commercial drivers are threatening to increase the prices of transport fares because of the high fuel price in the country.

The leadership of the National Concerned Drivers Association says if the government refuses to reduce the price of fuel at the pumps with immediate effect, they will have no option but to adjust transport fares upwards.

The Vice-Chairman for the National Concerned Drivers Association, David Agboado in an interview said: “Now that the fuel is $19 per barrel, we are buying it at GH¢19.85 pesewas which don’t match at all. The government should tell the OMCs to reduce the price at least to GH¢10 per gallon. Dialogue is the first option and that is why we are calling on the Ministry in charge of Transport and Ministry of Energy to sit [and discuss this] or we will increase the fares by Monday.”

They added that they are waiting on the government to act fast else they will have no option than to increase prices with immediate effect.

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