A Leading Member of the Chamber of Agribusiness has hinted how detrimental the impact of COVID-19 will have on Ghana if Agricultural Sector is not prioritised accordingly.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (C. E. O.), this period isn’t the time for Planting for Food and Jobs matter.

In an on-phone interview with Nana Jantuah on Oyerepa Breakfast Show, Mr. Morrison Anthony, the CEO of Chambers of Agribusiness, said the Agric sector cannot do it all alone/ by themselves, saying if the government is not able to support them in some areas it will be very difficult.

He mentioned the Agricultural Systems Resilient Fund, with its governance structure well-defined. He added measures are being rolled to make available enough food for the country Ghana.

He stated, “Government should prioritise the stimulus packages being given/ distributed… declare state of food emergency control so we can be on our own and produce.”

“If we don’t take time, after COVID-19 we will cry and there would be no help from anywhere,” Mr. Morrison hinted.

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He mentioned there being a gap of 1 million in rice production, meanwhile 3 million metric tonnes of maize consumed by Ghanaians and wondered where we are going to getting all these from in coming days. He counselled that we be careful how the Agric industry is being managed.

He again stated, “Where we have gotten to is no more planting for food and jobs. We should be careful how we prioritise our things.”

He talked about food being used as a dominance by some developed countries to distabilize economies and control most less-developed countries.

“Government can also give monies to commercial farmers to produce more… it is another strategy we can use to control the current situation. Scenario and Zonal planning can also be employed so the country can move,” Mr. Morrison advised.

The CEO of Chambers of Agribusiness quizzed the percentage of monies from the COVID-19 Trust Fund which goes into Agric Sector.

AUTHOR: Agyei-Barimah Yaw
(Oyerepa FM)

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