As many see this COVID-19 period as a damning challenge to the world’s economy, others have come to assess the Pandemic from an awakening perspective that calls for a positive reaction.

Others see this to be a blessing in disguise, and so does the Chairman of National Farmers Award Winners.

According to Mr. Davies Korboe, the 2009 ‘National Best Farmer’, in an interview with Oyerepa F.M. on Wednesday, April 15, 2020, measures are being put in place to ensure that the next two months/ after COVID-19 Ghana would eat.

He attested to exporting mangoes and other fruits and vegetables abroad, as there is much heat there due to the COVID-19. He talked about the curtailed movement affecting domestic trades and transactions in Agriculture, but then measures are being rolled to get sponsors coming on board, although there are issues, of which much is being done to resolve them.

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Mr. Korboe told Oyerepa FM, “About 80% of monies are being lost due to the curtailed movement… Are exported goods go through a lot of processes should it get to its destination… 50-80% of revenue service is lost as a result of this.”

The 2009 ‘National Best Farmer’ indicated that there is food, but how it will get to where it needs to get to is the problem. He mentioned the Planting for Food and Jobs but quizzed if measures are being put in place to ensure processing and converting to finished products and other stuff are done within the country.

“It is being a blessing in disguise in another contest that COVID-19 came so that we can process our own products. Giving the various Small and Medium Enterprises (S. M. E.s) incentives will help boost the Agric sector. Africa can feed ourselves the whole year if we put things right,” the Chairman of National Farmers Awards Winners explained.

AUTHOR: Agyei-Barimah Yaw
(Oyerepa FM)

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