As Ghana added up to one of the first countries worldwide to ease restrictions on movement during the COVID-19 Pandemic, mixed reactions have been expressed on this critical decision by experts

According to an economics expert, economically, Ghana is not better positioned to be locked down.

Speaking with Oyerepa FM’s Nana Jantuah, Mr. Evans Nunu, Management Consultant and Economist, was of the view that politically, this isn’t the right time for the President of the Republic to lockdown the Country. He added that the government should have locked down the country close to elections than now saying, “Politically, it doesn’t favour the government.”

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He further added that economically, it is not better to lockdown the country and quizzed how long the government can lockdown the country. “The government is not economically apt to lockdown the country for a longtime… products by manufacturing companies wouldn’t be patronized as no one would go out to buy them should the lockdown be extended, ” the Management Consultant said.

He mentioned that had the lockdown been extended about 50% of Ghana’s workforce would have been rendered jobless/ unemployed.

As an economist, Mr. Nunu opined, “As our predecessors messed up with the country, in similar vane our generation is doing… we are poor, hence this decision to lift the lockdown and its adverse impact on our economy. ” He explained the government’s approach of the lockdown as economically, whereas Medical Professionals are coming from the Health approach.

SOURCE: Agyei Barimah Yaw

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