Various views and opinions continue to trickle in, in the wake of the lockdown being lifted.

A Security expert has shared his thought on this that the pandemic is a natural occurrence and in due time everything will bounce back to normalcy, hence applauded the decision of the president of the republic to lift the lockdown.

In an on-phone interview with Oyerepa Breakfast Show, Security expert, Mr. Irbad Ibrahim, emphasized the need to consider the Pros and Cons of every situation in every period. He quizzed if for the sake of the 9 dead, the about 8million people in the regions which were declared as epicentres should be locked down. He added that there is the need to send the right information to the citizenry.

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He lamented on the malnutrition and starvation which many people went through, making them living dead. “If about 100,000 people have been infected, should life come to a standstill, ” the Security expert quizzed.

He mentioned Italy having an aged population hence the high mortality rate.

Mr. Irbad Ibrahim further opined, “This period is a natural occurrence, it will peak and plateau in due time then get back to normalcy.”

SOURCE: Agyei Barimah Yaw

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