The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) says it will kick against any attempts by the Electoral Commission (EC) to illegally remove some names from the voters’ register.

The party said it would be unfair for persons who have gone through the stress of registering to have their names prematurely deleted.

Deputy General Secretary, Peter Otokunor, believes the newly-compiled voters register is “reflective of the people who qualify to register.”

“We will not allow any premature or illegal deletion of names people who have gone through stress to get their names on the register,” he told Accra-based Citi FM.

This comes after the EC admitted that there are still some minors and foreigners on the new voters’ register.

The Commission brought the registration exercise to an end last week, before using the weekend for a further clean-up.

However, in its weekly update on Wednesday, the EC disclosed that the new electoral roll still has some minors and foreigners.

EC Chairperson Jean Mensa made this known, adding that steps have been taken to remove all illegal registrants before the December polls.

“We are aware that a number of minors have found their way on to the register and we are confident that the challenge process initiated at all districts throughout the country will help deal with this illegality and rid the register of those who do not deserve to be there,” she said.

The just ended voters registration exercise saw 16,963,306 persons registered onto Ghana’s electoral roll.

Mr. Otokunor said the number falls below the NDC’s expectation, insisting the party was expecting more than 17 million persons to be registered.

“But for the suppression; the deliberate, conscious, vicious suppression and intimidation by the government, a lot more people would have been registered than the 16.9 million we have on the register,” the NDC Deputy General Secretary added.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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