The Honourable Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe Constituency has counselled that the youth be empowered to pursue their God-giving, Creative talent while echoing the positive aspect of the ‘Kumerica’ meme which is the new fever in Oseikrom.

Speaking with Nana Jantuah on Oyerepa FM’s weekdays Morning Programme, Oyerepa Breakfast Show, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, who is also the Deputy Minister of Education opined that whatever makes one have a sense of belonging should be promoted. “This ‘Kumerica’ meme can boost the economy. If this thing is being expedited by the American dream to boldly achieve greater heights, I totally side with them, ” the Deputy Education Minister stated.

Citing Napoleon Hill, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe Constituency counselled, “Everyone should do well to pursue his/ her primary purpose in life.”

He indicated that one thing Ghanaians should do well to work on is to empower the youth by organizing major forums, seminars, speeches and other platforms to inform the youth adequately on the way forward. “Many will get to know the right route to make it in life. It will further give them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is after that before you create mentoring programmes, ” Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum advised. He added that there being no such platform has affected our development since days immemorial.

He was of the conviction that if every arsenal is put together, the American dream being pursued by ‘Kumericans’ would be realised.

Dr Osei Adutwum blamed Leadership as one of the factors inhibiting the growth of our country, which comes with no impact, hence called for forums, platforms, seminars, programmes of such nature to be organized he added.


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