After news of Ghana’s COVID-19 recoveries hit an astonishing 10,074, several questions were asked, with commentaries run as to how it came about.

To help settle matters and reach a compromise, the Deputy Health Minister has expatiated on the reason behind the catapulted recoveries.

Dr. Bernard Oko Boye, in an on-phone interview with Nana Kojo Jantuah, divulged that anytime a disease spreads, medical professionals first find out how the causative agent came about, how it got into humans, how it transmits from one person to another and other relevant questions that need to be asked.

He reemphasized that every person who has been discharged after being quarantined goes through a series of viable
tests before.

“Per our research, we came to realize that asymptomatic people only have a part of the virus in their body, which can be the head, leg, etc., but not the whole body of the virus,” the Medical Practitioner revealled.

He added that asymptomatic people test negative after 14.1days, meaning the virus leaves naturally.
“It is after ten to fourteen days which becomes difficult for a person who is positive for COVID-19 to affect another person with it,” he disclosed.

He stated this as the reason behind the call for everyone to protect him, of herself by adhering to the social directives.

Dr. Okoe Boye touched on the spirit and letter of the law and so then upheld the need to quickly liaise with the police administration to ensure that people who drive their own cars are alone are not given much pressure on putting on nose mask.

Dr. Okoe Boye was skeptical on the complaints of some Ghanaians that the New Patriotic Party’s (NPPs)primaries last weekend is a recipe for an increase in COVID-19 cases, as some of their supporters and delegates were seen jubilating and celebrating all over without observing the social protocol of social distancing.

The Honourable Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku Constituency expressed, “All the social protocols and directives were adhered to at the various polling stations, except for the latter part of it where the excitement of many and others disagreeing with some results led to people not observing social distancing. This is not all that a worrying situation.”

He explained that the asymptomatic drift of COVID-19, coupled with the 10 to 14 days inability to affected by an infected person is a sigh of relief, hence not a worrying situation


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