Social Commentator and controversial musician Kwame Obeng Asare known popularly known as Kwame A-Plus, has said President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government has failed woefully on the one village-one dam (1V1D) programme promised to Ghanaians.

He described the dams constructed by the government as substandard.

According to him, the government is constructing what he described as ‘One-village, One-pothole’.

Speaking on TV3, the social commentator said “Nana Addo is not making us believe politicians again. He promised one village, one dam and he has given us One-Village, One-Porthole.”

Speaking on the ‘elephant size’ ministers appointed by the President, he said Ghana does not need more than forty (40) ministers to govern the country.

He said: “Ghana does not need more than forty ministers, we don’t need a minister for agric, have a minster for fisheries, a deputy minister fisheries, deputy minister for horticulture.”

Source: Pulse Ghana

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