Officials of MTN-Ghana on Thursday morning presented three thousand pieces of clinical masks to the management of Kumasi South Hospital at Atonsu-Agogo.

The masks are to aid staff to attend to patients and cases that would be brought to the facility. 

Speaking during a short presentation ceremony at the precincts of the hospital, Simon Amoh, Acting General Manager of MTN-northern business district noted the important role the Kumasi South Hospital had played during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This, he said makes it imperative for every institution to support the staff and workers to deliver care and treatment to persons who are brought and admitted at the facility.

“MTN recognises the pivotal role Kumasi South Hospital has and continues to play in the outbreak of COVID-19 and it is important that they are supported with PPE just as we are doing this morning”, Mr Amoh stated.

Mr Amoh noted MTN’s commitment to the government and the Ministry of health since the viral disease hit the country. 

He disclosed the outfit had donated 44, 000 personal protective equipment (PPE) and PCR machines to the national COVID Trust Fund.

MTN, he intimated has also spent about 5million cedis worth of PPE and the outfit was also investing in behavioural change programs including the now christened “Be Wise Campaign” which seeks to raise awareness about the importance of face masks in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. 

“In addition to all these interventions MTN is today donating 88, 500 masks in 30 other hospitals in all the16 regions of the country'”, Mr Amoh stated. 

Clinical Care Coordinator at the Kumasi South Hospital, Dr Angela Durowaah Frimpong who took delivery of the nose masks from MTN officials thanked them for the gesture. 

She noted the hospital had received some supplies since the outbreak of COVID-19 but added that most have been consumables.

These consumables, she stated gets used up by staff and workers who have had to work on about 80 COVID-19 cases referred to the hospital for treatment.

She asked that more of such support as has been shown by MTN and others be channelled to the outfit so as to enable them to deal with emergencies that would come for attention. 

“We are grateful for the support from MTN and we urge other benevolent organisations to emulate same so that we can have a greater stock of consumables to attend to persons who visit our outfit”, the health practitioner noted.


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