Records from the Marriage Registry Unit of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly recently shows a lot of problems with certificates issued to most couples.

The head of the Marriage Registry Unit, Mrs. Judith Afi Agbeko has made this known in an interview with Wofa Atta Frimpong on Oyerepa Breakfast Show (O. B. S.), on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

Speaking on the problem recently realised, Mrs. Agbeko counselled that it is only an ordained Pastor registered in a gazetted Church under Ghana Publishing who can officiate a marriage ceremony and issue a certificate also. She disclosed, “Certificates issued by Pastors who are not ordained and churches not gazetted under Ghana Publishing are not registered.”

Speaking further, Mrs. Agbeko stated, “It is not every pastor who can officiate a marriage ceremony. Completing Bible school(s) is not enough qualification for one to officiate a marriage ceremony.”

“Marriage ceremonies in classrooms are not recognized by law, ” she told Oyerepa FM.


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