Some teachers and students in Junior High Schools (JHS) have welcomed the government’s one hot meal initiative for pupils and staff but shared their sentiment on the food.

They, however, said they preferred nothing to the one hot meal daily intervention announced by President Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his number 15 address on measures to contain Covid-19 in the country.

Mr.Stephen Agyei, an acting head teacher in a public basic school in the Greater Kumasi Region said, none of the teachers received their share of the food provided which he has no idea about it.

According to him, all the 55 students in his school welcome the food which they took it after they finished writing their mock but some wish to send it home.

Acting head teacher

Mr. Stephen Agyei again disclosed that, they have been assured by the caterer whi distributed the food to their school that, they will not be left out in their next distribution but today, they didn’t didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy the hot meal.

However, some of the students also shared their displeasure with Oyerepa news Maame Akosua Nhyiraba and stated it emphatically that, they prefer no hot meal than this untasty meal they welcomed today.

According to them, some of the parents refused to provide money to their wards because of the Jollof rice and an egg given to them as a hot meal but the food promised is full of salt and it doesn’t taste like food.

Some of the students


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