The Chief Regulatory Officer of Food and Drugs Authority, Mr. Kofi Essel, (F. D. A.) has stated emphatically that there is no clinical evidence which has certified a drug as the cure for the novel COVID-19 Pandemic and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (H. I. V.).

According to the FDA regulator, there is the need for empirical evidence and potential prove to ascertain the credibility of a drug and be officially certified by the Authority.

Speaking with Oyerepa Breakfast Show (O. B. S.), Mr. Essel attested to the fact that some people have started responding to the social distancing protocol, while others are being reluctant. He emphasized on the need to continue with education on the precautionary measures.

He advised people against the various theories going round perceived to be the cure to COVID-19, citing that even households which have security on guard 24/7 still lock their doors at night, hence the need for people to ensure personal hygiene regardless of there being a cure, or not.

Mr. Essel indicated that per their release, they did not say Qua drug is not credible. They rather meant that something out of the ordinary has occurred. He talked about the need to keep badge records of every drug which is manufactured. “In the interest of public health, one is compelled to recall everything in a situation where there are no proper collective management system. F. D. A. did what is the best… we are not saying the efficacy of the product is questionable,”

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The FDA Chief Regulatory officer further stated that should your product be certified by F. D. A. it doesn’t mean the product is no more under monitoring. He quizzed why government would stand up against indigenous work, and proposed that if the indigenous business thinks it has been unfairly treated, it can go and test the full regress of the law.

“There is no clinical evidence which has passed a drug as a cure for H. I. V. and COVID-19. Regulations work with empirical evidence, ” he told Oyerepa F. M..

He explained that if government does know where a research is leading to, it cannot resource and fund that project. He talked about FDA not having such resources to fund research to find a lasting cure to such diseases.

On the posture of the FDA sometimes to support a good drive, Mr. Essel said, “There is no posture of FDA not to support any individual who can come up with potential proves. We speak with Data and empirical evidence. We won’t engage in research with no empirical and potential evidence, ending up in a wild goose chase.”

He advised that people who have data to prove that their drugs can cure deadly diseases to bring them forward. “Government does not frown on herbal medicine,”

He mentioned that a cell of Escherichia Coli in water renders the water unhealthy/ polluted and so then, every research needs to be investigated to identify its source. He again indicated that there is the need for proper investigation and source looked into to reach final certification/ not.

“FDA laboratory is a reference Laboratory for research into foods and medicines. Science in Ghana have come of age, and our scientists are active and alive. We are building capacities for more potentials, ” the Chief Regulatory Officer disclosed.

Mr. Essel was definite that the FDA has all that it takes to do their work appropriately.


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