do not say I was not born with no silver spoon in my mouth, learn how to make a silver spoon out of the plastics or stones you have” – Miguel Mantey Williams
In the beginning of your journey to success be a go getter, I mean when you set goals never have doubts, have the mindset of a winner, because with that you develop the attitude of going in for what you want without no excuse, its though to be strong but always remember life is just a midget, “Let them keep opposing,” tell them the venom of a viper is nothing to the shell of a tortoise”- Mantey. M .Williams ,One step at a time, it is called progress, stop worrying about tomorrow let tomorrow worry about its self ,there is no precious gift like the present, so its either you “drink the whole bottle or taste not”,For self made winners there is no loosing but learning,you only loose when you keep repeating the same mistakes .no matter the amount of time you keep trying you are going to get the results you are craving for, and those who deserted you during the struggle will pay you visits when you start reigning

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