Why is it still an albatross discussing women in Politics? From suffragettes to modern day feminists, women and other social activists have fought long and hard for women’s right to hold political offices.

Another commendable milestone was achieved yesterday when the Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (N. D. C.), John Dramani Mahama, appointed Prof. Nana Jane Opoku-Agyemang as her running mate.

Several reactions have been associated with this news, with others taking the opportunity to advise others with such aspirations.

Speaking with the Former Vice Chairperson of the N.D.C, Madam Anita De Soso, on Oyerepa Breakfast Show with Nana Jantuah, she advised that every woman must be vigilant in Politics, citing herself as she being very vigilant and not allowing herself to be used by politicians has helped her in making her way through the political ladder.

“Women in and about to enter politics should not allow themselves to be used sexually, they should rather do this outside politics.

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Madam Anita De Soso counselled, “If You’re a woman in Politics, don’t give in to a politician to have carnal knowledge of you… don’t to that in politics, I will advise a woman does that outside Politics.”

She quizzed the qualities men have that cannot be identified in a woman.

The Former Vice Chairperson of N.D.C disclosed she would be campaigning against the government of the day with previously passed comments which do not auger well for women.

“It is quite clear if you get a good woman to lead you, things are going to fall in place, ” Madam Anita De Soso indicated.

She discussed how politics has presented several opportunities to her and shaped her in reaching this pedestal.


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