Most students in various institutions are finding it difficult to adjust themselves to the current predicament the world finds itself in and study/ learn accordingly.

The General Secretary of University Students Association of Ghana (U. S. A. G.) has enumerated the difficulties students are encountering and the way forward, with regards to measures put in place.

In an interview with Nana Kojo Jantuah on Oyerepa Breakfast Show, Mr. Opey Joshua expressed students discomfort not studying actively due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

He lamented on the differences in courses/ programmes being read in Ghana, juxtaposing with that of the outside world, making it quite difficult for e-Learning to be practised here. “All Engineering disciplines are not the same… it operates a different set of channels under different humanities. We cannot do something productive with online learning,” the USAG Secretary indicated.

Mr. Opey talked about the option of Youtube videos and other stuff informing the online learning. “But then issues arising here because as at the time COVID-19 cropped up, every student headed towards home, so that should a student find him/ herself in an environment with no/ poor network, it becomes a challenge and unrealistic,” he told Nana Jantuah on Oyerepa Breakfast Show.

He gave hope by saying they have liaised with communication bodies and other student authorities to reach a compromise on how to come up with the best to expedite learning in these abnormal times.

He disclosed that the challenges of less-privileged students, those with network challenges and other pertinent challenges have been channelled to authorities, advising that those with further issues should channel them their various Students Representative Council (S. R. C.) so it reaches them to finally get to the appropriate quarters.


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