Prof. Charles Marfo, the President of University Teachers Association of Ghana (U. T. A. G.), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (K. N. U. S. T. ) branch has advised that we ensure the COVID-19 has been eliminated before any idea of reopening schools and colleges come to mind.

According to the lecturer, though one may buttress this call with the need to observe the precautionary measures by the World Health Organisation( W. H. O.), the story may be different at the latter as things progress.

Speaking with Nana Jantuah on Oyerepa F. M., the UTAG President, KNUST branch, stated that the COVID-19 Pandemic has informed Ghana that we need to come up with new educational measures every time. He further added, “We should be very particular about distance learning, hence virtual learning after COVID-19,” he stated.

He talked about the capital intensiveness of practising such a method of teaching and learning, the willingness of the National Accreditation Authority and government to approve that and other stuff saying that if they are ready to endorse then so be it.

Prof. Marfo disagreed with the idea that final year students should be allowed to come to campus and be lectured, with the surety of adhering to WHO’s Social protocols. He advised, “We should rather ensure COVID-19 is eliminated before we decide on anything than being in a hurry call for reopening.”


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