A Medical Superintendent with the Steward Hospital has advised that the campaign and awareness creation on Hypertension, Diabetes be increased as these diseases are seriously on the rise.

The Medical Practitioner talked about the need to go in for more vegetables than sugary foods, especially carbohydrates which have glucose as their end-product, of which glucose is sugar.

Speaking with Nana Kwadwo Jantuah in an on-phone interview on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Dr. Paul Ntiamoah divulged that viral diseases barely kills, unless other diseases are associated with the body. He added that such diseases as Diabetes, Hypertension and others complement the activities of viruses in the body and expedite their actions.

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He described COVID-19 as tropical in nature, but then commended Medical Doctors in Africa for their tremendous efforts in tackling the Pandemic.

The Medical Superintendent of Steward Hospital talked about Malaria, Peptic Ulcer, Diabetes as more dangerous than COVID-19 but due to the low education and sensitization on them, most people are ignorant about them. He further juxtaposed the education
Coronavirus Pandemic to the earlier mentioned diseases and reemphasized that much education and awareness campaign must go into them.

He advised, “People should minimize the intake of Sugary foods, especially carbohydrate foods, as their end product is glucose sugar. Vegetables intake and patronage should be practised.”

Dr. Ntiamoah revealed that the cases of diabetes and hypertension cases are seriously on the rise and called for an intensive campaign on them.


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