The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Ghana, has advised on the need for various churches in Ghana to be very particular on the social protocols by the government for church services, as the limitations on services have been eased to some extent.

In an interview with Nana Kojo Jantuah on Oyerepa Breakfast Show on June 1, 2020, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso reiterated that he is optimistic ten (10) services can even be run in a day, so then churches should do well to adhere to the measures which were mentioned by the President last night.

He divulged, “Vulnerable people like Oldmen & women, pregnant women, lactating mothers, sick people, divulged would not be coming for church services for now to ease monitoring of adherence to the social directives.”

He advised that churches provide veronica buckets in front of their buildings, where every member of the congregation can wash his/ her band before entering the Church premises and after service. “Churches should place Collection Bowls in front of the main building entrance so members give their offerings, this will help avoid the situation of congregation queuing to go put them in the offering bowl(s), ” the Clergyman told Oyerepa Breakfast Show.

The General Superintendent again advised that people ignore “Men of God” who claim to have cured people of Coronavirus and that they should look beyond the ordinary and adhere to the various social protocols to protect themselves.

He stated, “Other modernised means of collecting offerings can also be employed, like the use of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). Those who will be counting these collections and tithes should do well to put on face/ nose masks and hand gloves… these are very imperative.”


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