President Akufo-Addo says Ghanaians must register for the voter ID so that they can elect a President of their choice come December.

He said Ghanaian must register in order to have a say on who governs them for the next four years.

The President said this in a Twitter post while urging the public to wear their masks when going to the registration centres.

“Don’t let someone else determine who governs you for the next four years. Register now so that you can vote in December,” Akufo-Addo tweeted.

The voter’s registration exercise started last Tuesday, with the second phase starting on Monday.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has said that over three million persons have successfully registered.

However, concerns have been raised about the ongoing registration exercise, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent.

The EC, though, has assured that it will ensure all safety protocols are observed at the various centers.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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