Paramount Chief of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Sakite II has destooled the queen mother for reportedly marrying a man who’s not from the same area.

The Paramount Chief is reported to have destooled queen mother Nana Aplam II over “betrayal” following her marriage to a man from the Manya division.

Joy News reports that he announced the immediate destoolment of the queen mother before a meeting of chiefs and elders of the area on Monday.

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Queen mother Nana Aplam II
Queen mother Nana Aplam II

The queen mother is reportedly married to a lawyer from the Manya division, which has been declared autonomous from the Traditional Area without approval.

The Manya division, which is headed by Okpatakpla Nene Sasraku IV, declared its independence from the traditional area in October 2019, alongside five other divisional chiefs.

All six divisional stools have since been elevated to sovereign paramountcies without the blessing of the overlord of the Manya Klo state, Nene Sakite II.

Nene Sakite II is, therefore, said to have expressed his unhappiness about Nana Aplam II’s marriage to a man from the breakaway division.

He reportedly described her as unfit to hold herself as the paramount queen mother of the Manya Krobo traditional area after betraying their trust.

“Everything you’ve heard is true, the queen was summoned before the chiefs and her destoolment announced to her,” a source is quoted as saying.

Nana Aplam II became queen mother of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area in 2015 after succeeding the late Nana Mamle Okleyo.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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