The Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana has indicated that the lifting of the ban of social gatherings, especially for Church services and Christian gatherings, across the country will be gradually so the COVID-19 is well-controlled and eradicated.

According to the Chairman, the Council agreed to that as they had a consensus to reach a compromise on extending the ban on public gatherings.

In an on-phone interview with Oyerepa Breakfast Show, Most Rev. Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo, Chairman of the Christain Council of Ghana, argued that members being at one place wouldn’t help as authorities want to ensure the Pandemic is well-controlled in the country and afterwards eradicated.

“Lifting on the ban on social gatherings would be step by step to ensure the disease is well-controlled and later eradicated,” the Chairman of Christain Council disclosed.

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The clergyman reiterated the statement earlier made by the President of the Republic, “The COVID-19 has exposed our health system in Ghana. It has positively informed Ghana on our health delivery and the way forward.” He further stated that this is the time for us to improve our health facilities.

On the role of churches in positively shaping the lives of our leaders/ those in authority, he was of the view that the impact of churches has always been positive and that issues arise from the character of leaders in their covert.

He stated that it’s high time Ghanaians demand from politicians what we need, else we would vote for them. “This is the point churches must also let their members know that a government must be able to cater for its citizenry,” Rev. Dr. Paul Boafo suggested.

He reemphasized, “It’s now time for us to demand from governments what is due us.”


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