Efforts are being made by farmers to ensure food safety and security in these trial times of COVID-19 Pandemic, but they (farmers) seem not to feel, nor see the
reverse impact, with regards to government supporting them enough to boost the sector, as it has always been the case.

A chief farmer has cautioned government to be on the lookout, as farmers plan of a massive change of things to come up with more stringent measures on them(government) which will force the government to oblige to their demands in no time.

According to the 2018 National Youth Best Farmer, Mr. Owiredu Annor, in an interview with Kojo Jantuah, things are going well in Agriculture, but there is more room for improvement.

He blamed the cause of Ghana lagging behind in Agriculture on the mindset of the citizenry, lamenting on how the marginalised and less-privileged are touted as those to engage in farming. “Measures to tackle the challenges of farmers are not there… it hasn’t been made attractive for others to venture into,” the 2018 National Youth Best Farmer lamented to Oyerepa F. M.

On the sector minister saying food is in abundance, hence secured in Ghana, talked about the bad state/ nature of our roads, as there are plenty of foods in rural areas. He said, “Generally, prior to and during the lockdown, prices of food hiked leading to hard times.”

Mr. Annor warned, “It’s hightime Politicians take farmers and everyone in Agriculture serious… the will to push agric-related policies to the hindmost should be cultivated.”

He reiterated that there is more room for improvement, hinting that farmers have planned of meeting government leaders on agriculture to have a say in every discussion related to them, so that should the contrary happen, the nation, especially farmers wouldn’t be affected.

Source: Ghana|Oyerepafmonline.com| 2020

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