“Fakye Me” was not about my marriage – Kwabena Kwabena clarifies

Sensational Highlife singer Kwabena Kwabena has set the record straight that his hit single, ‘Fakye Me’ is not an apology to his ex-wife.

Although the lyrics of the song are about a person pleading with their lover to forgive them for some wrongdoings, while emphasizing that they can work out their differences, Kwabena Kwabena has clarified that contrary to popular belief, the song is not about his past marriage and love life.

According to him, the song is gospel music directed to God and it is all about asking for forgiveness of sins from his creator.

He explained that when praying to God, it is important to begin with asking for forgiveness, hence his music.

“Oh, that song is not for my ex-wife nor was it dedicated to her. That song was made for everyone to be used to ask God for forgiveness of sin.

“So, it should be used for that purpose only. Well, if you are not going to ask for forgiveness and you prefer listening to others pray, then it is between you and your God,” Kwabena Kwabena said in an exclusive interview on Okay FM.

Touching on the need for constant and regular prayers for forgiveness, Kwabena Kwabena mentioned that as humans, we commit sin, and mostly do wrongs without noticing hence the need for us to always ask for forgiveness from God.

He explained, “The Bible says, ‘for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’, there is also a saying that even our eyes can lead us to sin, so it is very important and needed to be asking for forgiveness at all times.”

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