The Bono Ahafo Regional Vice Chairman of the Association of Ghana Industries has encouraged the Ghanaian business industry to be hopeful of what is to come in due time and not to give up in the struggle as a result of challenges emanating.

Though he was doubtful authorities do not know the challenges industries in Ghana are faced with, he was optimistic the various issues would be addressed by authorities in due time.

According to Mr. Kwasi Nyamekye, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Vesta Oil, in an interview with Nana Kojo Jantuah, so many things do not favour entrepreneurship. “The systems you one goes through to finally establish his/ her business are quite tedious, moreover measures put in place by banks to secure loans and another financial backing to support the business are hectic, ” the renowned entrepreneur emphasized.

He stated, “Government has not done enough to smoothly expedite the running of entrepreneurial businesses.” He also indicated that the taxes on equipment and services are many and high for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Mr. Nyamekye divulged that Ghana is the only country in which industries pay more tariffs than other business institutions. He cited there not being unity in fighting a common objective as one of the factors which draw back the progress of entrepreneurs in Ghana.

The CEO of Vesta Oil doubted if authorities do not know about all these and more difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in the country, hence was hopeful in due time the leader’s support will come to force. He again doubted if development banks, like Agric Development Bank, are really supporting entrepreneurs in Agribusiness enough.

He agreed to the assertion that politics affects entrepreneurs and business in Ghana largely. “Policymakers must think about entrepreneurs and businessmen and help in that regard… Politics greatly affect us, ” he lamented on Oyerepa F. M..

He advised that we identify where are priorities and relevant are so we focus on them and accrue enough from there.

In Reality, he advised that we don’t give up on what the country seeks for. “We should look at the opportunities and sometimes forget the challenges, in pursue our objectives, ” the Vice Chairman of AGI encouraged.

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