A Twitter user has sparked a huge debate on social media over his controversial tweet.

The man using the handle @Asserdiq has disclosed that real men take care of their women even if they are carrying another man’s pregnancy.

He tweeted:

“A real man supports his woman even if she is pregnant for another man.”

A lot of socialites shared their frank opinions on his tweet.
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Some angrily descended on him as captured below:

“And that real man is her father👌”

“Your father is not your father ask your mum”

“Rubbish talk will you support your husband even if he gets another woman pregnant?🤦🏾‍♂️”

“You are talking in the rubbish.”

“I want to marry a woman that will come back Nd see me on top of another woman & say hmmm my husband you’re enjoying oo🙌🏾”

Do you agree with him?

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