The Deputy Minister of Railways has advised that Ghanaians advertise their potentials to help boost productivity further.

The legal brain has urged that we do more of what is being demanded as this period so to make many gains.

According to Lawyer Andy Kwame Appiah Kubi, who is also the Honourable Member of Parliament for Asante Akyem, Government’s response to COVID-19 shows good management of the situation and resources. But then, he talked about there being resistance for Africans, particularly Ghanaians, juxtaposing with the death rate in the Western world.

The legal brain counselled Ghanaians to pay attention to the advantages in this period we are in as well, not only the challenges/ disadvantages.

He doubted if situations have changed drastically for which life expectancy rate has declined. “Nevertheless, being on the lookout carefully is of much essence… moreover, laboratory testing of products should be well enforced,” the Honourable MP advised on Oyerepa F. M.

He again counselled that the habit of conforming to health status and expectations be cultivated.

The Deputy Minister of Railway described the herbal drugs and other pharmaceuticals as the source of Chemistry and that they should all be encouraged to help address health issues.

Lawyer Appiah Kubi urged, “We have to advertise our potentials as well… but then processing to restore the lives of produce should be practised.”

The Honourable MP stated that we do more of what we need, especially in this period of COVID-19, of which Personal Protective Equipment (P. P. E.) is of much essence, it will be relevant and boost investor confidence.

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