Abiona Taofeek Altruist, an Islamic religious scholar and the founder of Altruist Education and Business Institute, has said that taking and uploading photos unto social media is a great sin against Allah.

He made these statements on his official Facebook account wall. Abiona Taofeek according to him, Allah hates anyone who posts a photo of him/herself on social media, adding that it’s a very dangerous sin hence must repent.

In the Islamic religious scholar’s post, he seized the moment to say a word of prayer for those who have turned deaf ears to his calls and still posts their pictures online to have a change of heart.

In the same post, Abiona Taofeek Altruist, the founder of Altruist Education and Business Institute, blessed “brothers and sisters” who have never uploaded their photo on social media. 

He wrote: “May Allah bless those brothers and sisters who have not for once uploaded their pictures on social media, and may He soften the heart of those stubborn people who are so fond of doing it. Just stop capturing a picture, it’s indéed a great sin. Repent now and turn back to Your Lord[Allah]. May Allah forgive our shortcomings, give us the best understanding of His Deen[Islam] and preserve us upon sunnah and goodness.”

See screenshot below:

Abiona Taofeek Altruist
Abiona Taofeek Altruist


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