Dr. Pius Essandoh, a Health worker with the Ghana Health Service has stated and held as his position that the Ghana Medical Association (G. M. A.) has not done enough with regards to COVID-19 issues and the call for the Electoral Commission to end their voter registration exercise, as the Pandemic keeps getting scarier everyday.

Speaking with Kwadwo Jantuah on Oyerepa Breakfast Show on Monday, July 6, 2020, the Dr. Essandoh indicated that he accepts the fact that the law permits the Electoral Commissioner (E. C.) to conduct voter registration but does not spell out the how to go about it, but then advised that the E. C. should consider the public health threat, COVID-19, and halt the voter registration process to avoid near future consequences.

He wondered why health professionals should be the people calling for the halt of the process, while it concerns the well-being of every Ghanaian. “This should have been the campaign of every Ghanaian, calling for an end to the voter registration process amidst this Pandemic getting scary everyday, ” Dr. Essandoh stated.

“I feel strongly there is more the Ghana Medical Association (G. M. A.) can do. They should have done more than this in handling COVID-19 issues, ” the Health worker opined.
Speaking further, he was of the opinion that G.M.A has not done enough to caution authorities on Corona Virus Pandemic issues.


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