A Herbal Medicine Lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (K. N. U. S. T.), Prof. Merlin L. K. Mensah, has called on the government to help improve herbal medicine research facilities in the country.

According to the Lecturer, this measure will go a long way to help come up with a cure for specific diseases.

In an interview with Nana Jantuah on Oyerepa F. M., Prof. Merlin Mensah opined that Ghana has forged ahead, but then we can continue to surge on. We can do more to improve further. He added, “We do have herbal medicine/ drugs to help improve and boost our immunity to diseases.”

“Not all the things we use in making these drugs are good for the body. Some fight against the body, though not all of them do, ” Prof. Mensah cautioned on Oyerepa Breakfast Show.

He stated that from how we have taught our students to diagnose and know how to cure diseases, it is left with us to improve our herbal research facilities to cure specific diseases, such as COVID-19.

Prof. Mensah indicated that as herbal medicine personnel, they have started something, though, with no support from the orthodox people, our only problem has to do with there being no herbal hospital on campus to help make our research specific.



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