In respect to coronavirus, there have been measures put out to help combat this novel virus which includes the wearing of the nose masks, washing hands with soap under running water and the usage of hand sanitizers which is to help curb the virus from spreading.

In this, Oyerepa news Maame Akosua Nhyiraba visited some places to talk to Ghanaians on how people are coping with their relationships in this pandemic era and surprisingly, some women lamented that, since the rises of coronavirus and since the wearing of nose masks became mandatory, men have not been approaching them because they are afraid to contact the virus which has become a very difficult task for them.

According to them, life has not been easy living with the novel coronavirus which has prevented them from getting themselves life partners.

Again, some of the men who also shared their views to Oyerepa news said, the wearing of nose masks has blocked their chances due to the COVID 19 which ladies are not easily recognizable so the only source of attraction now is the bulamatata (buttocks) of the ladies.


SOURCE: Maame Akosua Nhyiraba

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