Whilst the lockdown is almost killing others with boredom, it is doing otherwise to Empress Gifty in her marital home.

According to the popular Gospel musician, the travel and movement restrictions being implemented to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak is breathing new life into her marriage.

Gifty who is married to NNP’s Hopeson Adorye, during a recent interview on Okay F has stated that she now gets to spend more time with her husband at home because the two of them are people who very often.

“For the past year, we haven’t had time for each other so this lockdown is good for both of us. This is the time we are together and free from our busy schedules” she told Abeiku Santana, host of the show she was speaking on.

According to Empress Gifty, the lockdown has also drawn her family closer to God because they now pray together. “It has made him understand the calling of the ministry upon my life and it has drawn him closer to God. Seeing my husband pray with me and keep me in check makes me very happy,” she said.

Empress Gifty and Hopeson Adorye tied the knot in a private ceremony on December 28, 2018. Before then, she was married to Prophet Prince Elisha Osei for ten years before their divorce.

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