Captain and goalkeeper for Ghana Premier League club Karela United, Isaac Hagan has disclosed that he will not accept a pay cut if the club brings forth the proposition. 

In the absence of the football season due to the Coronavirus pandemic, clubs are going through a difficult period especially as their main source of income which flows from the gate proceeds is not coming anymore.

In a bid to ensure that club owners are not overburden with player salaries, there have been calls by some administrators for players to be engaged on receiving a pay cut just as it has been done in other parts of the world.

In an interview with West FM, Isaac Hagan of Karela United has strongly opposed the idea as he observes that contracts must be respected.

“I’m not ready to accept, any pay cut from my management, it’s a contract let’s respect it because I received a small salary and I can’t compare my salary to that of European’s players who have personal sponsorship”, he said.

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