The fight against illegal mining, and its adverse impact on the environment and the local population, continues to be a leading problem in mining areas.

Manso Nkwanta adds up to the many exploited communities in terms of mining activities and adverse impacts on the environment and local population.

The NPP Parliamentary Candidate-elect for Manso Nkwanta has spoken extensively on this with Oyerepa FM’s Kwadwo Jantuah.

Addressing this imperative issue, Mr. George Obeng Takyi said that galamsey was coined from Companies involved in Commercial mining since 1980’s, of which their activities affect river bodies and destruction of the lands, with adverse impact on farming activities.

“I have advocated on the destruction of lands and water bodies, from Bonte Goldmines to other mine sites, with the help of TV3, since days immemorial, ” he disclosed.

He quizzed those who give these mining companies the certification to mine in such places. He called for an improvement in technology, “Machines like bulldozers and other equipment which dig away the land should be banned, as well those which destroy water bodies, but rather a system which will come up with technology to dig lands easily without destroying it, ” Mr. Obeng Takyi opined.

He indicated, “Should one be given certification to destroy lands, while residents of the mining community’s lands are destroyed, with no compensation, is quite frustrating because they are not involved in such transactions.” He questioned the benefits residents, or indigenous people derive from such mining activities.

He stated that should lands and water bodies be destroyed through mining, financial incentives would be made available to farmers/ landowners to help serve as reliefs.

He reemphasized, “Environmentally-friendly technologies should be used in mining activities.”

“A new process should be derived in mining, else their activities would be halted when I’m given the nod, ” the Parliamentary Candidate-elect cautioned.

He bemoaned indigenous people and residents of Manso not getting recruited in these mining companies, of which the lucky ones only get the opportunity to be security personnel.

“I want the image of Manso to be changed and positioned in a positive frame and way… devoid of diseases… and the ill-perception about Manso revised, ” Mr. Obeng Takyi divulged.

He also talked about how mining activities in Manso to be positioned in a positive limelight and the good news spread.

The Parliamentary Candidate-elect indicated that health problems like Kidney and Liver infections, as well as problems with other body organs are quite common in Manso, so then called for the narrative to be changed.

On he being corrupt, he called for the press to find out from Manso, but added, “The virus which is worrying Africa, most especially Ghana is Money. He further indicated, “If my income equates my daily bread, that is my expenditure, the rest at the band is for society. That should be the rotation, ” he advised.

He again counselled that everyone be credible to him/ herself to excel at the end of the day.

Mr. George Obeng Takyi, also a Lecturer at the University of Education Winneba defined schooling as a formal structure in life, which is different from education, which has to do with assimilating the experience from schooling.

He discouraged the perception of students that they are better than those who had no opportunity to school is a nonstarter, it has to do with putting what has been/ was learnt into practice, “This completes the principle of Education, ” the lecturer told Oyerepa FM.

“Should all local industries be destroyed, the moral fibre would also be destroyed… the basis of our cultures and traditions should not be disparaged, ” he counselled.

Speaking on the New Voter Register compilation which begins today, Tuesday, June, 2020, he guided that should anyone fail to register, the person has contributed to the destruction of the country

He again advised that everyone looks out for the day the compilation begins in his/ her community and adhere to the directives of authorities accordingly.

He advocated people vote massively for New Patriotic Party and Mama Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo so then good works continue.


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