The Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association has lamented on the worrying State situation the Bekwai Hospital finds itself.

The news was that people have encroached the Bekwai Government Hospital lands, of which as to they have a permit from authorities, or not, your guess is as good as mine.

In an interview with Wofa Atta Frimpong on Oyerepa Breakfast Show (OBS), the Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Frank Serebour, was skeptical saying the COVID-19 situation now has demoralized health workers but agreed to the fact that pressure is on them.

He lamented that one of their greatest challenges is the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is not provided on time. “Our test results keep long so then it makes our catalogs problematic, hence we are not able to say if Ghana is in its peak periods or not. The backlogs are many… these are as a result of the reagents not being enough, ” Dr. Serebour exclaimed.

Dr. Serebour indicated that Ghana has gone past lockdown, as rumors keep going round that the country is likely to be locked down after the new voter registration exercise

Dr. Frank Serebour

Dr. Serebour was happy with development works on the Bekwai Hospital so far and was optimistic the project would be completed in the next three months.

He was worried about encroachment on the Hospital lands, saying that the District Assembly has a major task to see to it that this is thoroughly looked and addressed.

The Medical Director of Bekwai Hospital complained, “It is very worrying how people are encroaching the Hospital lands… Someone has even built a house next to the Hospital Mortuary, which is very bad.”

He called on authorities and the traditional council to help address the issue of encroachment.

The Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association advised that people who put on the face shield should first put on nose mask, as the shield still gives room for air to penetrate.

“Putting on face shield, with nose mask as well gives double protection, ” the Medical Director counseled.


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