There seem to be light at the end of the tunnel if precautionary measures are adhered to and other factors work together for the good of the country, as a virologist has stated that Ghana’s case of COVID-19 would not follow the same course/ track as that of some developed countries recording massive number of casualties and deaths.

According to Dr. Michael Owusu, a Virologist with Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (K. C. C. R.), in an interview with Oyerepa Breakfast Show, though the numbers will increase, no one should panic because in terms of facilities to address the issues, we are par excellent.

He gave hope that Ghana’s case wouldn’t be that critical like that of some countries saying, “I don’t believe we will go along the trajectory of Italy, US, China and the likes, because we do have some factors at play which are helping us but we cannot pinpoint them.” He explained that the numbers would be that many like what’s happening in some developed countries.

He educated that if one has the COVID-19 and one interacts/ come into contact with the infected person, in less than 15 minutes, a person without it also contracts it. He condemned what happened

On the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) sequencing of the Coronavirus which was being looked into by the University of Ghana, he stated that according to the findings, our virus is quite similar to that of the United State of America. He added that the difficulty lies in a situation where the virus keeps changing and for which developed vaccines would have to undergo several changes.

“We are hoping the vaccines which would be developed by the United States of America would be able to cure the disease, if only the virus does not undergo changes in its character,” Dr. Owusu told Nana Jantuah on Oyerepa F. M.

AUTHOR: Agyei-Barimah Yaw
(Oyerepa FM)

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